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  Alliedtelesis AT-ON1000-10 Ieee 802.4ah Px20 Wan 1x10/100/1000tx La $400.00
  Apc 0M-G4TGOPT008 Int Q3bp Mbp Bypass Lock Galaxy 4000 65- $869.00
  Apc ACAC10022 Isol Valve Assemblies 1/2in Odf $99.99
  Apc ACOA501 Inrow Oa 600mm Pumped Refriged 200-240v $5,400.00
  Apc ACRC100 Inrow Rc Chilled Water 100-120v 50/60 Hz $8,900.00
  Apc ACRC501 Inrow Rc 600mm Chilled Water 460-480v 60 $19,400.00
  Apc ACRC502 Inrow Rc 600mm Chilled Water 380-415v 50 $19,400.00
  Apc ACRD100 Inrow Rd 300mm Air Cooled 208-230v 60hz $10,900.00
  Apc ACRD200 Inrow Rd 300mm Fluid Cooled 208-230v 60h $12,200.00
  Apc ACRD201 Inrow Rd 300mm Fluid Cooled 220-240v 50h $12,100.00
  Apc ACRD502 Inrow Rd 600mm Air Cooled 380-415v 50hz $20,300.00
  Apc ACRP101 Inrow Rp Dx Air Cooled 460-480v 60hz $21,800.00
  Apc ACRP500 Inrow Rp Chilled Water 200-240v 50/60hz $21,000.00
  Apc ACRP501 Inrow Rp Chilled Water 460-480v 60hz $21,000.00
  Apc ACRP502 Inrow Rp Chilled Water 380-415v 50hz $21,000.00
  Apc ACSC100 Inrow Sc Air Cooled Self Cont 200-240v A $7,250.00
  Apc ACSC101 Infrastuxure Inrow Sc Air Cool Self Cont $7,900.00
  Apc ISX-A-DOC-EN Isx Type A Documentation English $1.50
  Apc ISX523037-053 Isx Cust Config Devon - Houston 08 Data $4,085,171.73
  Apc ISX527112-006 Infrastruxure Config 1-birloi Centcom Ir $60,256.09
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